About XiJet

XiJet is a leader in the development of industrial inkjet print systems for variable data applications. We offer turnkey systems with all the hardware and software you need to integrate with a transport and start printing in a matter of hours.

We design and manufacture all products at our headquarters in Woodbridge, CT, USA.

We design print systems that are reliable, easy to set up, flexible and scalable, and priced competitively.

Our print systems easily mount to your vacuum transport, web, press, or OEM product. We can supply full turnkey print systems or only the components you need.

XiJet designs and manufactures turnkey industrial inkjet print systems and controllers for variable data and color decoration applications.  Our broad product range includes monochrome and full color thermal inkjet (TIJ) print systems and piezoelectric drop-on-demand (DOD) print systems. We also supply aqueous, solvent, and UV curable inks to match a variety of applications and substrates.

XiJet is focused entirely on industrial inkjet print systems. We do not design or sell other production equipment. Instead we work closely with partners who integrate complementary products such as transport systems, read & print cameras/software, and track & trace.

All XiJet print systems can be driven from our Composer software for job layout, RIP, and print management. We also offer several printer data interfaces, including Windows/Linux APIs, TCP/IP, and RS-232, for OEM customers who want to maintain their own user interface.

At its core, XiJet is a group of Engineers who are dedicated to designing the most reliable, fully-featured products on the market. We have shipped several thousand print systems worldwide since 2005. The most gratifying feedback we have received is from an end user who said, “I love the XiJet because it just works”.

XiJet is the Right Choice

  • For End Users
    • Fastest and widest TIJ and piezo DOD printers in the industry
    • Composer software is feature-rich yet simple to use
    • Get up and running in a matter of hours
    • Thousands of XiJet printers installed worldwide
  • For Dealers
    • Print systems to match any application
    • Turnkey systems are “plug and play”
    • Setup Wizard makes system installation easy
  • For OEMs and Integrators
    • We supply turnkey systems or only the components you need
    • Several data interface options (XiJet Composer, Windows/Linux DLL’s, TCP/IP, RS-232)
    • Excellent support from senior engineers

You Have Options

XiJet recognizes that a “one product fits all” approach doesn’t meet the diverse requirements of the industrial inkjet market.  We offer a broad range of print systems to match your unique needs.

  • Cartridge-based TIJ or Wider Piezo DOD
  • Single-pass or Multi-pass
  • Monochrome or CMYK+ Process Color
  • Aqueous, Solvent, or UV Curable Ink

Our History

XiJet has consistently been an innovator in industrial inkjet

XiJet was originally formed from Presco Engineering, an electronic product design and manufacturing company that has been in continuous operation since the 1970s. Presco had accumulated significant experience in industrial drop-on-demand inkjet printing, having designed controllers and software to drive print heads from Spectra (Fujifilm Dimatix), Trident, HP, and others.

XiJet was incorporated in 2005 as a separate company to take advantage of this considerable experience in drop-on-demand inkjet printing. Our initial product was a thermal inkjet print system targeted at the high-speed mailing market. The product was a hit and we were successful in building a worldwide network of master distributors and local dealers. Over the next decade, we expanded our market focus and distribution channels to include packaging, labels, pharma, and other specialty markets.

Company Timeline

2005: Incorporated XiJet

2005: Introduced NP45 family of TIJ printers based on HP 45a technology

2009: Introduced LX family of TIJ printers based on Lexmark technology

2010-11: Introduced Xodiac piezo controller, Aries mono/color UV printer

2014: Introduced FN family of TIJ printers based on Funai technology

2014-15: Introduced Xodiac piezo ink system, Taurus mono/color UV printer

2016: Introduced Gemini mono/color UV printer

2018: Introduced Juno tri-color TIJ printer

2018: Introduced Ajax TIJ printer w/ 12 mm throw

Sales Channels

XiJet sells to end users through a worldwide network of integrators, master distributors and local dealers. If you are an end user interested in XiJet products, contact us and we’ll introduce you to an appropriate dealer.

We also sell directly to OEMs who are looking to incorporate a print engine within their products. For many XiJet OEM partners, printing is an important feature of their products, but it is not their primary focus. XiJet helps OEMs to integrate print systems without having to worry about the complexity of driving the print heads directly.

Interested in becoming a dealer?

We are always looking to expand our dealer network to cover additional markets and geographic regions. Please contact XiJet if you are interested in becoming a dealer.