Composer Software

Build jobs quicker and print with confidence

Composer is a Windows software application used to lay out print jobs and send variable print data.  It is tightly integrated with all XiJet TIJ and piezo printers, both monochrome and color, so you can build jobs quickly and print with confidence! Print jobs are laid out on a graphical canvas that represents the “page” to be printed.  A print job can include text, barcodes, graphics, database fields, counters, date/time, and other objects.

Suitable for a variety of applications

Composer has been developed continuously over 15 years and its rich feature set is well suited for a variety of variable data applications, including mail addressing, coding/marking, labeling, and product decoration.  It includes advanced features like Read & Print, WYSIWIG proofing, intelligent ink tracking, driving external devices, color management, and Composer Remote Interface.  A host computer running Composer can drive up to 16 print heads simultaneously.

Printer operators spend a significant amount of time interacting with the layout software, so it must be simple to use.  Composer has received praise for its intuitive, uncluttered interface, where features and settings are easy to find.  The interface can be easily translated to other languages.


  • PDF Input — Accept multi-page PDF files as variable data input for print jobs (option)
  • Multiple Fonts on Text Line  — Encode more than one font style on text line
  • Conditional Print Objects — Object prints only if database field matches target value
  • Print Object Linking — Link barcode to text address vertically, for example, so barcode prints directly below address
  • Non-printing Objects — Define background (non-printing) graphic to assist in job layout
  • Define Overlapping Heads — Allows upstream/downstream heads to print different colors in same region
  • Preview Spot Colors — Define ink color for each head/pen so jobs prevew/proof in color
  • WYSIWIG Proofing — Proof jobs to physical or PDF printer exactly as they will be printed
  • Job Templates — Create a print job template; then use it to create print jobs with similar layouts but different databases
  • Read and Print — External source supplies print data directly or via database index
  • Color Management (for Color Printers) — Import ICC profiles, manipulate individual colors, and choose screening method
  • Calculate Ink Cost for Job — Anticipate ink cost before starting print job
  • Intelligent Ink Tracking — Track cartridge ink usage even if used in different print heads (FN Series)
  • Advanced Synchronization Checks — Ensure that data printed on correct piece (e.g. matched mail)
  • Ignore Extra Print Triggers — Option to filter extraneous print triggers
  • Detect Missed Triggers — Take action when trigger doesn’t occur when expected (web systems)
  • Restrict Reprints — Warn operator before reprinting database records
  • Offline Printing — Download job and print while disconnected from host computer
  • Production Statistics and History — Display statistics for completed print batches
  • Operator Modes — Supervisor has full access while operators have definable limited access
  • Control External Devices — Trigger relays on database event (sort break), low ink, error, job started/completed
  • Composer Remote Interface — Control Composer remotely via TCP/IP or RS-232


Supported Print Heads

  • All XiJet Monochrome and Color Heads in Any Combination

Operating Modes

  • Live Mode — Online Printing (USB)
  • Production Line Mode — Offline Printing to Independent Printers (RS-232)

Print System Capacity

  • Live Mode — Up to 16 Print Heads
  • Production Line Mode — Unlimited

Print Object Types

  • Multi-page PDF (option)
  • Text (ANSI, UNICODE)
  • Barcodes (100+ types)
  • Graphics (BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF/GIF in 1-bit black, 8-bit grayscale, or 24-bit color)
  • Database Fields (Comma-separated Text, Tab-separated Text, Custom-separated Text, Fixed-field-width Text, MS-Excel, MS-Access, dBase)
  • Counters
  • Date / Time

Print Object Operations (All Types)

  • Duplicate, Step/Repeat, Align Multiple, Link Multiple (for Justification), Conditional Printing

Text Object Operations

  • Justify, Rotate 1 deg, Mirror, Outline, Line/Character Spacing, Word Wrap, Trim

Barcode Object Operations

  • Define Barcode Height/Width, Define Bar/Space Widths, Shave, Rotate 90 deg, Mirror, Human-readable Text, Notch, Bearer Bar

Graphics Object Operations

  • Scale, Rotate 90 deg, Mirror, Set as Background (non-printing)

Database Operations

  • Filter, Sort, Search

Color Management Features

  • ICC Profiles, Linearization, Individual Color Manipulation, Multiple Screening Options

Ink Features

  • Intelligent Ink Tracking, Display Ink Levels, Low Ink Warning, Calculate Ink Cost for Job

Read-and-Print Input Interfaces

  • TCP/IP, RS-232

Read-and-Print Substitution Options

  • Supply Database Record Index, Direct Data Substitution

Composer Remote Interfaces

  • TCP/IP, RS-232

Proofing Output Targets

  • Standard Printer, PDF File (via PDF Printer)

Control Aux Outputs (via IO Board)

  • Events: Start Print, Stop Print, Low Ink, Blank Page, Database Match (Sort Break)

Print Page Buffering

  • Up to 14 Pages

Display Units

  • Inches, Metric

Multi-Language Support

  • Yes