Color TIJ

Thermal inkjet offers high performance, simplicity, and compactness, all at an affordable price. Based on snap-in cartridges, TIJ printers are easy to operate and maintain. The availability of aqueous and solvent inks in black and spot colors allows for substrate and application flexibility. Just snap in new cartridges to switch inks. TIJ is perfect for a variety of applications including mail addressing, coding/marking, ticket/tag/label printing, and security printing.

XiJet has delivered several thousand TIJ printers, so you can count on field-proven reliability!

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  • Monochrome or tri-color
  • Disposable single-use or bulk cartridges
  • Aqueous and solvent inks
  • Compact print heads
  • Print widths up to 4.0″ stitched
  • Entry-level price
  • Clean operation and maintenance


XiJet’s Juno is the first tri-color industrial thermal inkjet printer on the market. Juno prints variable color logos and images at 1200 dpi onto porous substrates such as corrugated and folding cartons, paper labels, and envelopes. The economical Juno printer offers all the benefits of cartridge-based thermal inkjet, including clean operation and maintenance and compact print heads. Configure Juno along with a XiJet monochrome printer to mix text, barcodes, and color images on the same printed piece.



2.0″ or custom print width


0.67″ or custom print width

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