OEMs / Integrators

Customization Options for OEMs and Integrators Seeking a Unique Printer Solution

  • Private labeling

    Talk to us about labeling the XiJet hardware and Composer software with your brand name.

  • Custom software

    XiJet has extensive experience in software design, including real-time embedded software, GUI design, web design, databases, algorithms, and communications. We often develop custom software for clients who don’t have the resources or expertise to meet their goals

  • Custom electronics

    XiJet and our sister company Presco, Inc. have been designing and manufacturing custom electronics for other companies for over forty years. Core competencies include digital and analog circuit design, FPGA design, and manufacturing to the most stringent reliability standards. In additional to digital printing, we have expertise in data processing engines, machine control, motion control, scanning, and much more. Contact XiJet to discuss your custom electronics needs.

  • System integration

    XiJet has gained valuable system integration experience through the years while working with many different client configurations. We can supply individual components, or we can take a more active role in your system integration effort – just contact us to discuss your unique needs.