Aries C

Aries C

Aries C is color piezo inkjet designed to print photo-quality color images, logos, and variable data in a single pass. It prints with water-based or UV curable ink, providing substrate flexibility. Aries C is an economical solution for narrow color print applications, with a print width of 36 mm (1.42”) and a print speed up to 27 m/min (89 fpm) at 360 x 720 dpi.


Aries 36C – 36 mm (1.4″) print width


  • Process Color Printing — Print solids (e.g. logos) and photo quality images
  • Economical UV Printing — One of the most economical UV curable print systems on the market
  • Broad Substrate Compatibility — Water-based inks for porous substrates; UV-curable inks for coated stocks, plastics
  • Robust Ink System — Precise meniscus vacuum control ensures reliable operation and consistent print quality
  • Low Operating Cost — Bulk ink delivery means lower consumable costs
  • Flexible Software — Driven by XiJet’s feature-rich but easy-to-use Composer job layout software
  • Color Management Tools — ICC profiles, screening options, linearization, individual color manipulation
  • Modular and Scalable — Configure up to 16 individual head modules

Front End

  • XiJet Composer
  • Customer Application
    • via Composer Read and Print
    • via Composer Remote Interface
    • via XiJet API/DLL
    • via XiJet RS-232 Protocol


  • Inkjet Technology: Piezo Drop-on-demand
  • Cartridge Technology: n/a
  • Native Print Resolution: 360 dpi
  • Print Width: 36 mm (1.42″)
  • Ink Throw Distance: up to 1 mm
  • Ink Delivery: Vacuum-based Ink System
  • Ink Formulations: Aqueous, UV Curable
  • Max Transport Speed:
    • 360 x 720 dpi @ 27 m/min (89 ft/min)
    • 360 x 360 dpi @ 54 m/min (178 ft/min)


Aqueous Inks

  • Black, spot colors, CMYK+
  • Custom color matching available

UV Curable Inks

  • Black, CMYK+
  • For coated stocks and labels, plastics, other difficult materials